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It dates back to the Old-Babylonian Period. The Sulaymaniyah Museum, Iraq The region of Sulaymaniyah was known as Zamwa prior to the foundation of the modern city in At the time of the Babani’s rule there were major conflicts between the Safavid dynasty and the Ottoman Empire. Sulaiman Baba invaded Iran, defeating forces from the principality of Ardalan in Ardalan wrote an account of Kurdish history in Persian and was buried in Sulaymaniyah when he died in The Peshkawtin newspaper which was distributed in Sulaymaniyah in estimated its population to be around ten thousand. According to Iraqi government documents, by the number of residents had increased to 23, ; by to , , and in to , [12] Geography and climate[ edit ] Sulaymaniyah Panorama in September The city is located in northern Iraq. Of the main population centers in the country, it is characterized by its cooler summer temperatures and its rainier winters. In the winters, there can be a significant amount of snow. Snow is not frequent in winter, but snow has fallen in Sulaymaniyah in January , [13] January , [14] March , [15] January , [16] and January

New Discovery: Clay Tablet & Cylinder Seal from Tell Kunara, Iraq

Josh Walker travelled to Syria in to fight against the terror group Islamic State — yet it led to him being investigated, found to have downloaded a DIY explosives manual years earlier and ultimately prosecuted on terror charges. That prosecution is believed to have been authorised at the highest level of the Crown Prosecution Service, by the Director of Public Prosecutions, Alison Saunders. The collapse of the case, after a jury found him not guilty, raises questions about how the authorities should deal with young people returning from Syria.

PA Joshua Walker outside Birmingham Crown Court where he denied a charge of possession of a record of terrorist information, between May and June , of a kind likely to be useful to a person committing or preparing for an act of terror.

Kurdistan Sights & Activities The following is an extensive list of the destinations, sights and activities that travelers to Iraqi Kurdistan may find interesting. The list covers the three directorates in the region – Erbil, Sulamaniyah and Dohuk.

I saw bits of this in Istanbul , with its Roman ruins and massive mosques, dating back centuries, but even that is small potatoes in this part of the world. The massive Erbil Citadel dominates the skyline, with every street in the city radiating from its center. The citadel sits atop a tell, or a mound comprised of layers of many generations of human settlement. The center of historic Erbil. A mini city unto itself, though the streets along the crumbling mud-brick houses are quiet these days. The citadel is now a ghost town.

Closed for renovations in , all but one family were evicted as to maintain its record for being continuously inhabited. A visit to Erbil Citadel starts at the large bazaar at its base. Many of the side streets are currently roped off, their structures being gussied up in hopes of one day becoming a World Heritage Site. In the meantime, visitors can currently traverse the main street leading to the historic Mula Afandi Mosque, where the friendly Imam showed my friend and I around, even taking us up on the roof for some panoramic views of the closed-off streets.

Christian orphans stuck in limbo in Iraq

The city is in the phase of transition from a usual city to a tourism city in every sense of the word.. Second biggest museum after the national museum in Baghdad. It is home to many Kurdish and ancient Persian artifacts dating back to — BC.. Kurdish for ” Red Intelligence Museum “, located in a former Ba’ath intelligence headquarters and prison, it draws particular attention to the Ba’ath regime’s brutal treatment of local Kurds..

Visitors are guided through the prisons and interrogation rooms.

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With Heathrow as an obvious hub – and further key international airports elsewhere in London and across the country – the globe is our metaphorical oyster. Departure boards click and whirr with the names of cities and destinations we can reach by direct flight – a constellation of superstar places which demand to be photographed, adored and Instagrammed. But for every New York, Paris, Rome, Barcelona and Moscow, the runways are also packed with planes heading directly to distant outposts that you definitely haven’t heard of.

If you know of any of the locations in the feature below, you can consider yourself a master of geography. And if you’ve actually been to any of them, then we bow to your travel credentials, o wanderer of worlds Ahmedabad India Lost in the shadow of Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Jaipur, Bengalaru and just about every other Indian metropolis you could name, Ahmedabad is, of course, the sixth largest city in the country, and the capital of the north-westerly state of Gujarat.

Come here for Old Ahmadabad, the historic core of the city – it earned Unesco status this year. Air India Heathrow; airindia.

Lake Dukan

Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email More than people have died in a huge 7. More than people have been killed in Iran’s Kermanshah province on the Iraqi border, the provincial deputy governor told state television. And more than 5, have been injured in the massive tremor, which has been described as the “deadliest ever”. We hope the number of dead and injured won’t rise too much, but it will rise,” Mojtaba Nikkerdar said more than 60 of the victims were in the town of Sarpol-e Zahab, about 15 km 10 miles from the border.

Anadolu A building in Iran reduced to rubble from the earthquake tonight Image:

An ancient clay tablet acquired in recent years by the Sulaymaniyah Museum in Iraq offers new insights into the Gilgamesh Epic.

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Lake Dukan

It is completely safe, no areas to avoid, no danger in taking street taxi’s. No compounds with checkpoints etc They didn’t even ask me why I was entering the country. Didn’t search my bags, didn’t check my medical records, didn’t need a visa.

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Modern Iraq covers almost the same area as ancient Mesopotamia, which centered on the land between the Tigres and the Euphrates Rivers. Mesopotamia, also referred to as the Fertile Crescent, was an important center of early civilization and saw the rise and fall of many cultures and settlements. In the medieval era, Iraq was the name of an Arab province that made up the southern half of the modern-day country. In today’s Republic of Iraq, where Islam is the state religion and claims the beliefs of 95 percent of the population, the majority of Iraqis identify with Arab culture.

The second-largest cultural group is the Kurds, who are in the highlands and mountain valleys of the north in a politically autonomous settlement. The Kurds occupy the provinces of As Sulaymaniyah, Dahuk and Irbil, the area of which is commonly referred to as Kurdistan. Iraq, in the Middle East, is , square miles , square kilometers , which is comparable to twice the size of Idaho. Baghdad was the name of a village that the Arabs chose to develop as their capital and is in the central plains.

The northern border areas near Iran and Turkey are mountainous and experience cold, harsh winters, while the west is mostly desert. The differences in climate have influenced the economies of the various areas and ethnic groups, especially since a large part of the economy used to be agriculturally based. The estimated Iraqi population for is 22, , people.

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Date in the current year: Sulaymaniyah sometimes also spelled Suleimaniah or Suleymania is one of the largest cities in Iraqi Kurdistan and its cultural capital. The present-day city was founded in , but its ties to Kurdish culture are much older.

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Arsenal set to sign Aubameyang, United given boost, record City switch More than people have been killed and at least believed to have been injured by tremors in Iran’s Kermanshah province, according to state media, after a 7. Iran’s state-run IRNA news agency reported the death toll, with rescuers said to be stepping up efforts to find dozens trapped under rubble in both countries. Kurdish health officials also said at least four people were killed in Iraq and there were 50 injured.

The US Geological Survey said the epicentre was about 20 miles 32km southwest of the city of Halabjah and measured 7. Over the border in Iran, the country’s seismological centre said a 7. State television quoted the head of the country’s emergency medical services, Pirhossein Koulivand, as saying that the earthquake knocked out electricity in Iran’s western cities of Mehran and Ilam.

He also said 35 rescue teams were providing assistance. The semi-official Iranian ILNA news agency reported that at least 14 provinces had been impacted earthquake. The semi-official Tasnim news agency quoted an emergency services official as saying there were fears that casualties in villages and small towns could be high. Reuters Afghan police officers take position during a blast and gun fire in Jalalabad, Afghanistan.


Hazar Merd and Shanidar. Iraq, the cradle of civilization, has become a dangerous destination for tourists. Each and every day, when I go to work at 8 AM, I see the mountain which houses the cave. It is located within the Governorate of Sulaymaniyah. It is not a single cave, but rather a collection of adjacent caves of various sizes within a cliff of a small mountain.

fortress of Nebuchadnezzar, and the Greek amphitheater. The Iraqi flag is also an important national symbol, and is composed of three colored, horizontal sections, starting .

Founded by a religious leader named Zoroaster, it preceded Judaism and Christianity, has links with Hinduism and may date back to before B. Zoroastrianism is believed to have developed among tribal-pastoral people living in the mountain ranges of the Hindu Kush and Seristan, a territory shared by Iran and Afghanistan. From northeast Iran it spread through the Persian Achaemenid Empire beginning around the 6th century B.

Zoroastrianism is credited with helping to unify various tribes that lived in Persia in the 6th century B. After the conquest of Alexander the Great, Greek and Semitic elements were added to the religion. The most famous Zoroastrians are perhaps the Three Wise men who visited the infant Jesus. Zoroastrianism remained a major religion until the Arab invasion in the 7th century when most Persians converted to Islam.

Under Muslim rule, Zoroastrians were persecuted and subjected to forced conversion. During this period many emigrated to India, where they became known as the Parsis. Some also moved to China but that community was suppressed in the 11th century. The Zoroastrians that remained in Iran endured severe poverty and discrimination.

By the 13th century they had disappeared from the historical record.

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Cuneiform references[ edit ] The story was discovered in the nineteenth century, and allows us to take a glimpse into the cultures and people of the region. MESH [n 3] [10]: These poems include many of the stories that would make up the later, more famous Epic of Gilgamesh , written in the Akkadian language. The latest and most comprehensive telling of the Gilgamesh legend was the twelve-tablet Standard Babylonian Version, compiled c.

Tablet V of the Epic of Gilgamesh.

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Their culture, appearance, and history are all unique. Sanadaj is also the jumping off point to Iraqi Kurdistan. Iraqi Kurdistan is a new state within Iraq which is also made up of Kurdish people, they are fiercely independent of the rest of Iraq. I set off from my hotel in Sanadaj in the early hours of the morning. From the capital, it takes only a few hours by minibus to reach the border.

Crossing the border was quite pleasant and simple. Leaving Iran is a cinch. On the Iraq side, you will be interviewed and if there are no issues, most nationalities will receive a day visa on arrival. My last, name having originated from the Middle East , prompted a few extra questions of concern, but ultimately, I was let in. The first thing I noticed about Iraq was how green it was.

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