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Was Jesus a Copy of Horus, Mithras, Krishna, Dionysus and Other Pagan Gods?

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Legend has it, after the death of Lord Krishna, the city of Dwarka submerged under the sea. Archaeological Survey of India has revealed the existence of a old city dating back to two centuries.

By jk on May 5, in History: There are some who believe such exercises in general are waste of time and one should focus on the message of the epic. There are others who believe it to be a fictional narrative and hence not worth dating. Sometimes each of these groups are fixated by their technique and ignore the others. But whatever be the technique — textual analysis or astronomical analysis — it has to reconcile with what archaeology has found on the ground.

Among the dates proposed for Mahabharata, there are a few major ones. But that date has support from other sources as well. As the dates are pushed back into the Early Harappan period, it also has to reconcile with the material goods present during that period. It also has to explain various other references that are present in the text. We also have to look at the type and size of the houses from that period and the food and animals that were present.

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But it is always nice when scholars, other researchers and science can add support to what we already propose. One aspect that can show us the early nature of Vedic society, and with a little more reliability, is highlighting the time when Lord Krishna was present. This is another point that has generated many opinions, and it is almost impossible to get an agreed concensus on this matter, but is now much clearer than ever with more recent research and findings.

So let us take a look at a few ideas from at least one angle of research on this topic.

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With some deft computer astrology, mythic Krishna gets a date of birth, and some planetary influence Even gods come to earth with their destinies chalked out for them. So claims astrology, at any rate. So when Arun K. Bansal, the father of computer astrology in India, says that Hindu god Krishna was born on July 21, BC, it feels momentous somehow. The date essentially transforms Krishna in our minds: You can almost see him gurgling in Yashoda’s lap as Rishi Garg performs his naming ceremony in a cow shed more than 50 centuries ago.

But backtracking into the past can be a sloppy misadventure if you don’t get your calculations right. So Bansal rests his claims on two of his software packages-the Leo Gold and the Palm computer programmes. They can simulate any planetary configuration that has occurred or could occur in time. All they need is a date. And July 21, bc, according to Bansal, satisfies every condition described during Krishna’s birth. Krishna was born in the Rohini nakshatra, in the Hindu month of Bhadrapada, on the 8th day of the waning moon at midnight.

Bansal says this was enough information for him to nail the date, working backwards from Krishna’s death, which he says occurred at 2 pm on February 18, BC. His entire case rests on the accuracy of this date, however.

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Yadukula Kirtan Mela — Shahdara Just like the spiritual master awakens the dormant love in the hearts of the devotees, similarly, He awakens the love for Krishna in their living by installing life into deities. Another such life changing event occurred on the 26th January’18 where Sri Sri Nitai Shri Jagannath Rath Yatra — When the pangs of loving separation touch it’s crest, even the Lord of the Universe become a puppet in the hands of His lovers. Becoming blind to all the impediments, He walks.

Walks with such majesty and reverence, that the world comes out on the streets to become an Now, it was time for Aligarh to become Harigarh. Shri Vyas Puja Only with the mercy of Srila Vyasa Dev are we able to get an access to the most treasured scriptures. These scriptures are not only precious but a backbone of all our knowledge philosophy.

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London: Three precious Krishna idols dating back to the s were among the items stolen in a burglary at a Swaminarayan temple in north London, according to the temple authorities.

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April 7, This was not the basis for Jesus Christ. The movie spent over 30 minutes attacking the Bible and the Christian faith and specifically the idea that the story of Jesus Christ in the Gospels is nothing more than a copy of the story of the Egyptian God Horus, Mithras and other pagan gods. This article will show that not only are these claims incorrect and lack any substantive evidence, but that they are part of a greater spiritual agenda that Dan Brown, the Zeitgeist film and others have in common.

Was Jesus a Copy of Horus? The Egyptian God Horus.

Further, Euan Mackie, an eminent archaeologist, had found a clay tablet of Krishna’s Yamalaarjuna episode at Mohenjedaro, a site of the Indus Valley civilisation proving that even in BC, there was a culture of worshipping Krishna.

But it is not sufficient to cast his horoscope, which needs the year of the birth. Therefore it was essential to find out the year of his birth. It is told in the Mahabharata, Vana Parva 22 that while departing, Krishna bowed humbly before Bheemasen and Yudhishthira for salutation,embraced Arjuna and blessed Nakula-Sahadeva.

It shows that Krishna was of the same age of Arjuna, younger than Bheemasen and elder than Nakula-Sahadeva. Hence I tried to find out the age of Arjuna. This job was also very difficult, because in the Mahabharata Arjunas age also is not clearly given anywhere. It is reported in the Mahabharata that Bheemasen and Duryodhana were of the same age. Two years later Arjun took birth from Kunti. Still two years later the twins Nakula and Sahadeva were born from Madri.

A little after the birth of the twins, their father Pandu died. Kunti lived caring the kids for some time in the forest and then she came to Hastinapura with all the five Pandawas. Therefore Arjun might have been of about three years.

Dating King Krishna – journey… – Dwarkadhish Temple

When were the gospels written? With their absence in Justin Martyr’s works, we remain with the dating of the gospels to the last quarter of the second century. The Gospel Dates When scrutinized, the Pauline epistles do not reveal any historical Jesus; nor do they demonstrate any knowledge of the existence of the four canonical gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. As has been proved repeatedly, the gospels themselves cannot be viewed as “history” written by “eyewitnesses.

The New Testament is now known, in whole or in part, in nearly five thousand Greek manuscripts alone. Every one of these handwritten copies differ from the other one It has been estimated that these manuscripts and quotations differ among themselves between , and , times.

Lord Krishna, who was the eighth avatar of Lord Vishnu on Earth, derived his strength from Radha. There were so many gopis who were ready to fall on Lord Krishna’s feet, given the choice. But, Lord Krishna lost his heart to Radha, the form of Goddess Shakti, who constantly was at his side during his entire stay at Vrindavan.

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Krishna married them because they wanted Krishna as their husband, and they were sufficiently qualified that Krishna accepted them as His wives. When Krishna comes to the material world it is to stop the nonsense and to reward His devotees.

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Scientific dating of Krishna’s life

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Vrindavan has been a big center of learning and Krishna worship for a long time. The idol here is kept hidden from view behind a curtain that is opened and closed every few minutes. Remember that entry to the temples is free but make sure you carry a little spare change for the shoe handlers. The Brahmotsava Festival that is celebrated for 10 days after Holi in the months of February-March is one that brings in the most number of visitors.

Ratha Ka Mela, which is the main day of the festival, sees a giant wooden chariot pulled by devotees bring dragged from the Rangji temple to its gardens and back. Vrindavan is considered a sacred place and a large number of people come here to renounce worldly life permanently. Generally, seniors seek to become sanyasis or hermits here. The town is dotted with several Vidhwa Ashrams or home for destitute widows.

They spend their lives in complete seclusion performing severe austerities. Vrindavan and neighboring regions are known for delicious savories and sweets.

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