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Fraternities are also known by the reputation of either having good parties, throwing lame parties, or not having parties at all. Although these organizations are somewhat affected by their reputation, the members still belong to a group and do not stand alone as a label. What I was curious about were the people who do not belong to these groups. This is a label given to people who do not belong to a Greek community.

It stands for God Damn Independent and is known throughout all college campuses as people who did not rush or were not chosen to be a part of a Greek organization.

Oct 11,  · The important thing to do if your going to pledge a sorority is to do your research, ask around ON CAMPUS (don’t ask people from other schools as sorority reputations vary greatly from chapter to chapter), go to their rush events and ask questions, get to know the : Resolved.

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7 Things Sorority Girls Won’t Tell You About Being in a Sorority

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Experts say hazing has grown increasingly violent among sororities. If the pledges moved at all, Joanne said, one of the four Penn State Altoona sorority members would shove their heads into the concrete bricks until they had lumps or bruises. Even now, Joanne said, a year later, she still gets harassed by her former sorority sisters, which is why she asked that her real name not be used.

When she first decided to pledge as freshman, and eventually join, a sorority at Penn State-Altoona, Joanne had hoped for the comfortable camaraderie of a close-knit group of friends; not “the semester from hell. I didn’t have any gloves and they would tell me to do it again until it was spotless. I used my fingernails to scrub the ground. Play null “The water was pitch black,” Joanne continued. I refused and left the apartment. I ended up coming back [to carry out a different punishment] because they called me and yelled at me.

I didn’t know what else to do. Other examples range from simple name-calling to the demeaning practice of “boob ranking. Joanne has plenty of experience. She said the Penn State-Altoona pledges would get calls at 2 a.

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When it comes to dating a girl who is pledged to Greek-life, though, there are certain things you can definitely expect to encounter. Read below to find out: We have the Greek alphabet memorized And could probably sing it to you on command. You’ll definitely be attending a formal Plus several date parties, so you better have your dress clothes ready. Our Greek family feels like our real family You’ll certainly get to know our Bigs and Littles.

You’ll learn the importance and intensity of recruitment When we go MIA for a week, it’s not because we don’t love you. You’ll see just how much Greek apparel we have From tanks, to tees, to crew necks, to Frockets—never underestimate a sorority girl’s wardrobe. Crafting isn’t a hobby—it’s a passion And we’re fucking good at it, too.

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Add your rating What’s the story? Fourteen girls are chosen after participating in interviews and other activities to become pledges and move into the Sigma Gamma House. Once there, they must prove that they have the class, style, and leadership required in order to be fully initiated. Each week the pledges are put to the test, and those who fail to impress are eliminated.

In the end, only five young women will become full-fledged sorority sisters, and be responsible for its continued success in the United Kingdom. Continue reading Show less Is it any good?

Jan 02,  · The Truth About Sorority Date Parties. On this supposedly magical evening, sorority girls flock to a not-so-nearby venue in Detroit accompanied by .

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However, I must retain my philosophy of always being truthful with you, and thus I will now operate with full disclosure. You will be faced with four years of mingling with attractive members of the opposite sex. You will have so many party opportunities that you will sometimes struggle to fit them all into your social calendar. You will be thrust into a social network which contains everyone from college freshmen to the elites of industry. Oh…wait…those are all great things.

In truth, there are very few downsides to joining the Greek community if you approach the experience with a good fratitude and a desire to be the frattiest human being you can possibly be. As your college years progress, your fratty potential will increase exponentially, and you will look back in awe of the doors that were opened that would have been closed had you decided not to rush. We will now examine some of the main reasons to rush in greater detail.

As an experienced fratdaddy, I could write entire volumes on the pros of entering this community. In the short space we have here, we will attempt to highlight the greatest of these.

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